(SEM) Search Engine Management

May 1, 2017

(SEM) Search Engine Management


Competitors ranking well on key terms got there for a reason. Business-altering revenue gains come to merchants who invest strategically in their search engine optimization. SEO, however, seems the riskiest of all customer acquisition initiatives.

Wins gained through irresponsible tactics often bite back with vengeance, undermining your entire online presence and brand. Rankings achieved by playing the questionable link-building game are easily unseated.

Sure, I can and often do drive some quick wins, just as you can make some quick sales. We’ll smile at the wins as you would smile at the sales, but neither of us would presume the occasional wins invalidate the necessity of a long-term growth strategy. Your online presence is too mission-critical to be treated in fits and starts.

I approach ecommerce SEO with the strategic, business-level understanding required to drive long-term SEO gains in a manner which builds your ecommerce brand equity.

I become a hands-on, collaborative business partner to our clients, rather than a mere vendor selling tools and tactics.