(PPC) Paid Search Management

May 1, 2017

(PPC) Paid Search Management

The market can turn on a dime, as can your competitors. Even rivals you’ve yet to identify lurk in the shadows, awaiting their opportunity to pounce. Companies of all sizes have been defeated by avoidable missteps in strategy or execution.

You understand as well as any: there’s no rest for the weary. Your ecommerce marketing operations must fire on all cylinders just to carry out the top-level execution of your marketing plan. The “in-the-trenches” execution of your strategy instantly doubles the complexity of your marketing operations.

Paid search has long since advanced beyond a straightforward combination of keywords with ads and bids. Success requires immersion in ever-changing features & technology behind strategies and first-mover tactics.

That’s why I have come to the front lines of the ecommerce battle. Paid search campaigns function as the proving ground to validate the merit of every hard decision you’ve made which has led you to where you are today.

Whatever your current management method, vital importance of your paid search channel warrants high levels of scrutiny. Even the highest paid search spenders usually falter on the details. Details are everything. This is where the war is won or lost, to the common tune of tens of thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend and unexploited opportunities. In our experience, common mistakes are just as likely to occur in an AdWords account spending $10,000 per month as in one spending $500,000+ per month.

I believe that its not how much money you spend on marketing but where that money is spent.