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The market can turn on a dime, as can your competitors. Even rivals you’ve yet to identify lurk in the shadows, awaiting their opportunity to pounce. Companies of all sizes have been defeated by avoidable missteps in strategy or execution.

You understand as well as any: there’s no rest for the weary. Your ecommerce marketing operations must fire on all cylinders just to carry out the top-level execution of your marketing plan. The “in-the-trenches” execution of your strategy instantly doubles the complexity of your marketing operations.

Paid search has long since advanced beyond a straightforward combination of keywords with ads and bids. Success requires immersion in ever-changing features & technology behind strategies and first-mover tactics.

That’s why I have come to the front lines of the ecommerce battle. Paid search campaigns function as the proving ground to validate the merit of every hard decision you’ve made which has led you to where you are today.

Whatever your current management method, vital importance of your paid search channel warrants high levels of scrutiny. Even the highest paid search spenders usually falter on the details. Details are everything. This is where the war is won or lost, to the common tune of tens of thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend and unexploited opportunities. In our experience, common mistakes are just as likely to occur in an AdWords account spending $10,000 per month as in one spending $500,000+ per month.

I believe that its not how much money you spend on marketing but where that money is spent.



Competitors ranking well on key terms got there for a reason. Business-altering revenue gains come to merchants who invest strategically in their search engine optimization. SEO, however, seems the riskiest of all customer acquisition initiatives.

Wins gained through irresponsible tactics often bite back with vengeance, undermining your entire online presence and brand. Rankings achieved by playing the questionable link-building game are easily unseated.

Sure, I can and often do drive some quick wins, just as you can make some quick sales. We’ll smile at the wins as you would smile at the sales, but neither of us would presume the occasional wins invalidate the necessity of a long-term growth strategy. Your online presence is too mission-critical to be treated in fits and starts.

I approach ecommerce SEO with the strategic, business-level understanding required to drive long-term SEO gains in a manner which builds your ecommerce brand equity.

I become a hands-on, collaborative business partner to our clients, rather than a mere vendor selling tools and tactics.



Facebook’s audience is as massive as it is captive. The average user spends nearly an hour a day across Facebook properties, 90% of which occurs on mobile devices. Facebook ads reach a massive audience of over a billion daily active users.

While this audience isn’t actively searching for your product, Facebook’s massive, in-the-moment awareness of each user’s latent intent has shown great power in turn a passive user into a buyer.

Facebook tracks their audience all over the internet, hour by hour, doggedly and relentlessly – but for privacy/legal reasons, it doesn’t expose a lot of these data points with advertisers. It knows a lot that it never tells you.

The good news is that your company can profit from all this secret information applied to your Facebook advertising – without ever knowing the data.

Facebook’s complexities demand a strategic approach to balancing audience size, targeting, and ad formats. This dynamic environment yields no hard-and-fast rules or checklists for success. Instead, we’re able to achieve success on Facebook through our highly strategic, hands-on approach. I take the time to understand your business, products, and market in order to determine the individual approach required to achieve your business goals.


I have developed key customizable proprietary software to manage the task of quantifying the R.O.I ( return on investments) for all the marketing efforts put forth.

The intense level of expertise we’ve developed in ecommerce digital marketing has been applied directly to our substantial, ongoing investment in technology. Over 10,000 man hours in the last three years alone has gone into the development of our proprietary, API-driven software suite tailored to the particulars of ecommerce. This gives us the speed and efficiency to perform laser-focused campaign reporting, build-outs, and optimizations across multiple ad formats, campaign types, and advertising platforms.

I have been able to cut my staff to part time freelance workers and project related uses only.

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Search engine marketing (SEM) is all about paying for internet search results. The most common paid search tactics are pay per click (PPC) and remarketing. Whatever methods you use, first and foremost a search engine marketing company should deliver the right results for your business. Every industry and business has its own unique goals. Your desired business results are the focus of our search engine marketing professionals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the first – and most important – step of your search engine marketing strategy. In a nutshell, it has one goal: using keywords increase the visitors or traffic to your website so that you reach your unique business goals.

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